UI Connecticut cocoon

Martha Rosett Lutz lutzrun at avalon.net
Sun Mar 9 23:41:34 EST 2003

Clay Taylor wrote:

" Besides, I've never
heard of Cecropia on spirea, either."

I can't tell you from first-hand observation what they do in nature, but I
have raised many healthy Hyalophora cecropia larvae (in my home lab) on
Spiraea.  They grow on that at the same rate (and to the same weight) as on
Prunus serotina.  Also, several Spiraea host species (for H. cecropia) are
listed in Stone's Foodplants of World Saturniidae.

Of course, the best way to ID an unknown cocoon is to take it home and wait
for it to hatch and see what comes out.

In Stride,
Martha Rosett Lutz


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