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>>Hi All,
>>If John's measurements are correct on website the cocoon is much too 
>>small for either cecropia or polphemus.
>>Cecropia cocons are usually at least three inches long and tapered 
>>sometimes at both ends, always near the top.
>>Polyphemus cocoons are at least 1/2-3/4 inch wide and about 1-1.5 inches 
>>long. Usually they are not affixed to twigs unless suspended by a shrt 
>>Pictures of cocoons of both species in the polyphemus article at 
>>If dimensions are correct, then it is probably a small moth with wingspan 
>>about 1 inch.
>Sorry, I didn't notice the text on the dimensions - I just saw a cocoon 
>attached to a twig.

Hey, having seen the cocoon, and knowing the dimensions, I still do not 
think that Doug is necessarily incorrect.  Polyphemus is still a 
possibility -- I have seen developmental runts that are truly 
remarkable.  I have a Luna Moth in my collection that is an inch and a half 
in wingspan, and I have seen a Polyphemus Moth in Richard Heitzman's 
collection that is slightly *smaller*.  The *form* of the cocoon is *not* 
correct for any group of northeastern U.S. moths other than a 
saturniid.  John, you are correct that Lasiocampid cocoons are of a very 
different form.


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