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Anne Kilmer viceroy at GATE.NET
Thu Mar 13 13:47:04 EST 2003

From:  Linda & Buck Cooper

As butterfly enthusiasts you may be interested in reading and acting 
upon the
following request for help from Jeff Glassberg, President of North American
Butterfly Association concerning Miami Blue butterfly. We are sending our
comments to Brad Gruver today.
Thank you,
Linda and Buck Cooper, listowners
Haines City, FL

As you may know, in December 2002, the State of Florida declared Miami Blues
to be an endangered species on an emergency basis. The Florida Wildlife
Commission is now considering whether to make the endangered species
permanent and are asking for public comments. Please consider submitting
comments, and requesting that others do so also, to: Brad Gruver, Acting
Chief, Bureau of Wildlife Conservation at
brad.gruver at

Since Miami Blues were once common throughout southern Florida and the only
known existing colony on Bahia Honda Key precariously clings to existence,
potentially extirpated by violent storms, man-made changes to its habitat,
the use of pesticides, diseases and predators, it is clearly one of THE most
endangered animals in the United States.

Jeffrey Glassberg
President: NABA

Let us by all means send Brad Gruver our opinions, whatever they may be, 
  as this is a matter that concerns us all.
Note, by the way, that our project at UofF goes well, according to Dr. 
Brumberg, ... restoration may not be too far off. Our plan is to make 
the butterfly, rather than its endangered status, permanent.
Anne Kilmer
South Florida


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