Attacking Cherubini

Bob Thomas bthomas at
Fri Mar 21 02:16:45 EST 2003

Accepting each person's opinion as their own truth and nothing more is a lot
easier on your health.  It also is the path to kindness, greater
understanding of our fellow man, learning opportunities, and PEACE.
These days we could all use a little more peace.
Shouldn't we be sharing information that feeds our passion for Lepidoptera?
Isn't everyone's opinion whether shared or not still just a point of view?
Mr. Cherubini has points of view that may add to what we know.  The more we
know, the better able we are to understand and protect that which we love.
So what if you don't think his facts are true??  Can't you (or anyone) just
say you disagree, state your opinion and move on?

Sorry, it's late - I'm tired and I probably a bit too sensitive about things
right now.  Recently I was saved from an "early departure" by heart surgery.
I'm now fully recovered and probably expecting everyone to be as positive
about life as I am.  I'll go back to hugging my kids and lurking on this
list - maybe...

Bob Thomas
Cameron Park, CA
bthomas1960 at


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