Credulous cherubites

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> Secondly amongst people who support Cherubini are those who are, to
> chose the politest word I can find, "Credulous" . They have a tendency
> to accept and believe things where other people wouldn't. Scientific
> study demonstrates that the best scientists are not "credulous". In
> fact they are the opposite.


That has a proper name: credulous = faith... human faith, from normal day
life to Science and Philosophy. And by the way, that is the commonest way of
acquiring knowledge: did you ever tested by yourself all the experiments,
theories, postulates, etc, that you once learned at your Chemistry, Physics
or Math's classes at school?? - Of course not. That his why one generation
can contribute something new to accumulate knowledge: they don't simply have
to go through it once again!

How do we give credit or not by means of our 'human faith' to someone
delivering a message? - Mainly based on the authority and credibility of the
person who is saying it. If it wasn't so our daily life would be a permanent
havoc - "how can I be sure that the Leps. Soc. meeting will really be so and
so", etc. In some cases life testimony is what counts for most people:
Christ, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Sir Isaac Newton, etc. (I personally
don't trust politicians, up to today), This is so blatantly right, that
today we have "en vogue" junk biographies intended to disqualify someone's
life work not by criticizing their life's work in itself, but rather their
style of life (e. g. alcoholic, etc.). Marketers and politicians are pretty
well aware of this 'credulous' nature of ours. Otherwise we all would be
potencial Descartes.

Well, in the end we can still sort to "do as they say, but not has they do"
(guess who spoke it.)

Best for all!!

Jorge Bizarro
Curitiba - brazilian siberia.


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