Help with butterfly id

Donna A. Brunet dbrunet at
Wed Mar 26 09:27:25 EST 2003

Thanks for all of the help.  I guess this proves you should always go with
your first answer -- because originally I did think the skipper in the first
photo was a Southern Cloudywing.  But a few weeks ago after finally getting
around to editing the digital video, I read the description of both Southern
and Confused Cloudywing in the new field guide by Brock & Kaufman and
changed my mind.

How frequently is the white at the bend of the antennae missing in Southern

Kaufman also indicates that Confused Cloudywing has bold spots in summer.
Are they ever as bold as those in Southern Cloudywing?

Thanks again,

Donna A. Brunet
Columbia, Missouri
dbrunet at


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