In Lieu of a MV light

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Thu Mar 27 01:41:55 EST 2003

  I used a Coleman lantern for many years with good results. Eventually I
did fork out the cash for a small Honda EX-350 watt generator. It weighs
only 9 lbs and it runs very quietly for about 2 hours on about a quart of
gasoline. I run a 175 watt multi-vapor bulb and have had terrific results
with this system, considerably better than with the Coleman lantern. But for
general effectiveness, portability and fuel efficiency it's still hard to
beat a Coleman lantern.

    Robert Vandermoor.
    Coquitlam, B.C. Canada.

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> I know MV lights seem to be the standard for moth collecting and the
> higher the intensity the better, but they can be expensive if one has to
> buy a generator. How does a simple Coleman lantern compare? This is what
> I have always used. I know it will draw moths from a smaller area
> because it is not as intense as a MV light, but will it generally draw
> the the same species as a MV, or is a MV superior in this respect?
> Stan
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