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Update:  2003 Lepidopterists' Society Meeting
July 23 - 27, Olds, Alberta, Canada

Primary registration and accommodation information is available in 
the center of News of the Lepidopterists' Society, vol. 44(4), winter 
or Lep Soc website at  http://alpha.furman.edu/~snyder/snyder/lep/meet.htm

A.  Symposium Titles (preliminary):

Symposium on The Future of Lepidopterology  - organized by John Acorn
Friday, July 25, 2003
1. Andrew Brower -  Monarchs, metalmarks, moths and molecules: will 
DNA reveal the tree of lepidopteran life?
2. Robert Michael Pyle - Catchers and Watchers: Symbiosis or Civil War?
3. John Brown - Eanie-Meanie, Chile-Beanie, The Spirits are about to Speak....
4. Ronald Gatrelle (attendance not yet confirmed) - Subspecies are the Future.
5. Phil DeVries - North of the Sunset: tropical butterflies and biodiversity.

Symposium on Lepidopteran Biology  -  organized by Jens Roland
Saturday, July 26, 2003
1. John Addicott - Yucca and yucca moth mutualism.
2. Niklas Wahlberg - The breaking of the sequencer: Phyciodes and the 
fallacy of DNA barcodes.
3. Steve Heard - Host-race formation and the generation of 
biodiversity in lepidopteran gallmakers of goldenrods.
4. Diane Debinski - Butterflies as indicators of climate change.
5. Jens Roland - Dispersal of Parnassius butterflies among shrinking 
alpine meadows

B.  Access to Public Collections of Alberta Insects

Lepidopterists interested in visiting Alberta's institutional 
collections will need to contact the respective curators to make 
visitation arrangements. Most collections are in Edmonton, and so if 
you want to visit these collections it may be more convenient to fly 
into Edmonton rather than Calgary. Edmonton is two hours drive north 
of Olds (location of Lep Soc meetings) and three hours north of 

1. Strickland Entomological Museum
University of Alberta, Edmonton
- diagnostic collection of Alberta insects with over 30,000 specimens 
of Lepidoptera, most of which are from the Kenneth Bowman Collection
contact:  Danny Shpeley    dshpeley at ualberta.ca

2. Northern Forestry Centre Insect Reference Collection
Canadian Forest Service, Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton
- research and diagnostic collection of the insects of the Canadian 
Prairie Provinces, with emphasis on boreal forest species, including 
over 30,000 Lepidoptera specimens
contact:  Greg Pohl    GPohl at NRCan.gc.ca

3. Provincial Museum of Alberta
Edmonton     http://www.pma.edmonton.ab.ca/
- up to 25,000 specimens of Lepidoptera, mostly worldwide butterflies 
from the Riveredge Collection; reference collection of Alberta 
contact:  Terry Thormin    Terry.Thormin at gov.ab.ca

4. Olds Agricultural College,  Olds
- reference collection of 11,300 western Canadian Lepidoptera, 
primarily Alberta
contact:  Ernest Mengersen   emengersen at admin.oldscollege.ab.ca

5. University of Calgary Zoology Museum
Calgary - up to 6000 Lepidoptera specimens, mainly Alberta butterflies
contact:  Warren Fitch   fitch at ucalgary.ca   or Robert Longair   
longair at ucalgary.ca

C.  Pre- and post-meeting trips

1.  Peace River Grasslands
The Biological Survey of Canada 
http://www.biology.ualberta.ca/bsc/bschome.htm  has scheduled a field 
trip to the Peace River grasslands for July 18 - 21 (the weekend 
prior to the Lep Soc meeting). This would be an excellent opportunity 
for people interested in the fauna of this disjunct, northern prairie 
grassland. The field trips will likely be based out of the Dunvegan 
campground, about 7 hours drive north of Olds. Accommodation, 
transportation, and liability are the responsibility of the 
Contact: Felix Sperling   felix.Sperling at ualberta.ca

2.  Cardinal Divide / Prospect Mountain
The Alberta Lep Guild 
http://www.biology.ualberta.ca/old_site/uasm//alg/index.html  is 
organizing a post-meeting trip to the relatively accessible Cardinal 
Divide alpine and subalpine area southwest of Hinton, Alberta. The 
trip is tentatively scheduled for several days after the meeting, 
based out of the Whitehorse Creek Campground near Cadomin. 
Accommodation, transportation, and liability are the responsibility 
of the participant. Registration and details at the Lepidopterists' 
Society Annual Meeting in Olds.
Contact:  Chris Schmidt   bjorn at ualberta.ca
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