Monarch Extinction press releases.

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed Nov 12 20:05:59 EST 2003

Stan wrote:

> I read all the references Paul gave (one could not be found) and I did
> not get the impression from any of these articles that Oberhauser and
> fellow researchers were crying wolf, applying bad science, and,
> especially, predicting the the extinction of the population of Monarchs
> that migrate to Mexico

Stan, I have found Dr's Karen Oberhauser, Lincoln Brower and Chip Taylor
have all talked about the imminent possibility of monarch extinction in public 
statements. Here are some specific examples  (captitals my emphasis):

In this weeks' press releases Karen Oberhauser told the reporters:
"They could go EXTINCT. They could adapt. Or they could go somewhere
On his Monarch Watch website Dr. Chip Taylor writes:
"Given the great numbers of Monarchs (up to 100 million) that gather to
migrate each fall, it is hard to imagine them facing any threat of EXTINCTION.
In reality, however, Monarchs and their amazing annual migration are seriously
threatened by human activities, in both their summer and overwintering sites."

In 1994 Lincoln Brower said:
"The problem is deforestation in Mexico.  Deforestation is accelerating and if it
is not brought under control - if these areas are not effectively converted to
national park status, comparable to national park protection in the United States,
the endangered phenomenon will be a NON-EXISTANT PHENOMENON, in
my opinion, within fifteen to twenty years.

Statements like these truly frighten and worry the public. For example, here
is what a Florida nursery grower wrote today upon hearing about the latest
round of monarch extinction press releases:

Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 15:14:58 EST
From: ShadyOakNursery at
Subject: Re: Monarch News last 24 hours - Future extinction???

How sad to think that our great grandchildren might not be able to see the
butterflies we are able to see in nature.


Paul Cherubini


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