Monarch Extinction press releases.

Patrick Foley patfoley at
Thu Nov 13 19:06:43 EST 2003

Chuck, Charles, Stan, Paul and anyone else who cares,

There is plenty to debate about global warming. But as I have stated on 
this list, most atmospheric scientists agree that
1) There is a warming trend,
2) There is more CO2 in the atmosphere since humans started dumping it 
and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,
3) The first order effect of these greenhouse gases is to increase the 
green house effect and warm the atmosphere,
4) Second and higher order effects are still hard to predict but could 
be important.

Now if we get in a barrel, and put the barrel into the river, and the 
river is following the normal laws of phsyics, the chances are good we 
will wind up downstream. It is possible that we'll find our way into an 
eddy. It is possible angels will rescue us. It is possible that we would 
have gone downstream anyway.

But we shouldn't fool ourselves about the barrel, the current, gravity 
or the falls downstream.

Disclaimer, I do not sell barrels or atmospheric models. I do sell 
vector-borne disease epidemiology models. Anybody want one?

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