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Another book, beautifully illustrated like Howe's is Smith & the 
Miller's Butt's of the West Indies and S. FL.  Outstanding 
renditions.  I agree with Ron and Stan and think there is room for 
all of it.  It is cheaper and faster to produce good digital images 
these days.  But I stand in awe of the painters.  I also like going 
into a library and cracking open one of the old journals with 
original descriptions and seeing these brilliant color illustrations 
leap off the page.  The inks they used for printing sure have staying 

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>>  Ron, I agree with what you are saying, but on the other hand sometimes
>>  there is so much variation in a species that maybe it might be difficult
>>  to get a real specimen that will illustrate the particular wing markings
>>  well enough to make the species identification easy. Maybe a painting,
>>  _if_ the painter is also knowledgeable about the species they are
>>  painting, might be able to give a clearer "key", so to speak. This is
>>  not disputing what you are saying, just another thought.
>>  Stan
>Dittos on the variation.  This is what is so good about the Moths of North
>America North of Mexico (MONA), they present several variations on each
>taxon.   The Brock / Kaufman book does the same thing with their photos,
>they provide variation pictures.  (This is the best basic Guide on the
>marker.) The only real place where I can see a painting being of more
>benefit is with things like Morphos where a photo can not provide the
>different "looks" from different reflections.
>I also love the Howe paintings and have one book of his that is more art
>than science.  Its great because it accomplished what the book is about -
>butterfly beauty.
>Ron Gatrelle
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