[leps-talk] Cherubini's conspiracy theories

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Mon Oct 6 20:33:27 EDT 2003

I haven't gotten to the remaining posts in this thread, but Paul and Neil
will do their jobs which is supply the rest of us with information upon
which we can chew.   Don, as a new comer to this debate (I assume) I just
went ahead and popped the top on the can of worms.   Might as well get em
all out now.

These are not mean posts - but are impassioned ones by folks who really
consider (or believe) their positions are right.

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From: <neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk>
Subject: [leps-talk] Cherubini's conspiracy theories

> Ron Gatrelle wrote:-
> >Don,
> > Your post was practical and fair. Sadly, what this long time debate >
comes down to is that some think the Brower et al and Monarch > situation
is mostly to fully plain old fraud. Thus, there is an > annual accusation
that there is an annual fire-in-the-theater cry. > The "fire" never comes
to pass and so the cry goes out the next year > and the next. The funds
keep coming in, the programs go on, and > personal fame swells. The
Monarchs? They just keep keeping on.
> Ron,
> You are grossly in error. I am sorry that we find ourselves at odds but
there is no question but that you are WRONG!

I find myself in a dysfunctional position in liking both Paul and Neil more
and more as time goes on.  Neil, I'd be disappointed in you if you thought
I was wrong and didn't say so as that would be a denial of your own
personhood.   I think one can consider someone even an ass h---- at times
and still be friends with and respect them.   I appreciate the
graciousness.    ....Now back to the war.

Which reminds me,  I know those who have dealt with any topic for a long
time get tired of it, but there are always new people who have never heard
of X controversy before.   For them, we need to rehash stuff over and over.
If part of the purpose of a list serve is "education and information", then
the "teachers" have to be willing to go over the same material semester
after semester, year after year.



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