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John Acorn janature at
Mon Oct 13 16:22:32 EDT 2003

Thanks Bob, and John,

Nice to feel appreciated.  In turn, can recommend both the Florida Birding
and Nature Festival, as well as any meeting of the Connecticut Butterfly
Association, to anyone on this list.  Great people, great places, and great
leps.  I can also highly recommend John Himmelman's book on moths.  And Bob,
it was nice to meet you in Florida, along with Jaret Daniels and Alana

And lest anyone think I'm ducking the "main issue" these days, it seems to
me that the Monarch discussion is now quite rational, and I was especially
pleased with the "apples and oranges" discussion, clearing up some logical
problems with preceding posts.  But even "the extremists" are interesting in
a way, and the more time I spend with conservationists, the more intrigued I
am at the infighting and ideological differences among them...

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>Subject: Nature Nut
>Date: Sat, Oct 11, 2003, 8:12 PM

>Tonight John Acorn did a really bang up job as a key note speaker at the
>Florida Birding and Nature Festival in St. Petersburg. He kept a packed house
>in stitches for 1.5 hours.
>John is truly a "Nature Nut" :)
>PS: 3 years ago Dr. Lincoln Bower did a great job here also.
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