New Optical instrument

Jeff Lowenfels jeff at
Tue Oct 21 19:33:38 EDT 2003

Folks, in the next week or so a new optical instrument will be coming on the
market that is PERFECT for viewing butterflies and insects. It is a full
size monocular that focuses from infinity down to 18 inches. This 7 x 40
scope is like using a macro lense without the camera AND  you don't have to
stand right up next to the subject.... at 6 feet you see in Macro size!!!!
Take a look at this new scope at  . I think you will
find it very useful to our hobby...

Oh, btw...yes, I have a financial interest. However, that aside, this is one
fantastic instrument for looking at butterflies! I tested the prototypes at
several butterfly houses in the lower and parents alike are
stunned into amazement. This is the best tool I have ever seen for teaching
biology to kids.

If you have questions, let me know!


Jeff L


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