The Monarchs have recovered from last winter's big freeze in Mexico

Bailey and Bjorklund cmbb at
Mon Aug 30 13:18:37 EDT 2004

the result of unusual weather
> (much cooler than normal). I have noticed many other insects seem to be
> much scarcer than usual. I don't know how widespread this apparent
> phenomenon is.
> What have others been seeing?
> Robert

Where I saw a thousand butterflies in the past, this year I have seen but
one at a time.  Species that normally migrate into the Province, did not
show up this year.  Ground nesting birds failed.  I have seen only some
dragonflies lately.  And while it rained much more than normally, mosquito
populations have been down.

Plant populations have been up.  For the most part colder than normal
temperature have not affected their growth, whereas the rains have helped

If the temperatures improve next year and the plant growth remains good, do
I expect an immediate rebound in butterfly populations?
No, I don't.
That will take another year.
No foundation stock.

Martin Bailey.

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