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> > Hi All,
> >
> > If you are not familar with "Google Scholar" check it out (search the
> names
> > of some of your favorite taxa or researchers):
> >
> >
> >
> > This has huge potential.   I think our society would want abstracts of
> our
> > publications available to Google Scholar.   Any recommendations on how
> this
> > could be done, or who among us should contact the google folks?
> >
> > I did a search of "Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society," and only 27
> > matches were found.   In contrast, (since they are online), the "Journal
> of
> > Research on the Lepidoptera" gave 298 results.
> >
> > Let's get in there!
> >
> > Andy
> > PS- sorry if you got more than 1 copy of this message; I tried sending
> it
> > earlier but it did not go through.
> I have been studying the workings of Google for sometime. 
> The company has a policy of employing very smart people. 
	[Grkovich, Alex]  You mean like yourself?

> Unline certain 
> computer companies I could name who put more emphasis on the way people 
> dress. Their algorithms are very clever. 
> I found Scholar just after is was launched and while it is still in Beta
> it is 
> very effective and useful.
> I strongly expect that it will find content if it is out there. This is
> how 
> the main engine works. You do not have to submit he content.
> I think that there is little from the Journal of the Lepidopterists'
> Society
> because the content isn't online wherer as the other journal is.
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