Visit to Plum Canyon today

Michael Klein keps2 at
Sat Mar 6 22:18:57 EST 2004

I went to visit Plum Canyon today in the Anza Borrego Desert.  I had
hoped that with the recent rains, the desert might be jump started.
Well, I am off by a few days and with warmer weather the next 4-5 days,
it should look pretty good by Thursday.  Temps were in the low to
mid-70's with a cool breeze blowing from the north into the Canyon.  All
in all though I believe I did pretty well.


The early flying Schinia noctuid moths were nectaring on the desert
lavender as were up to 50 Alipia ridingsii arctiids.  There were
hundreds of honey bees as well as some megachilids (leaf cutter bees)
and at least 3 species of bee flies.  Now onto the butterflies:


Papilio polyxenes coloro - 3

Pieris rapae - 1

Pontia protodice - 1 M, 1 F

Pontia sisymbrii - 1 M

Anthocharis sara - 20+ M, 2 F (Yellow form)

Anthocharis cethura - 3 M, 3 F

Eurema nicippe - 3

Strymon melinus - 1

Philotes sonorensis - 2 M, 4 F

Glaucopsyche lygdamus australis - 1 M (looked very fresh)

Vanessa cardui - 5 

Eyrinnis funeralis - 3

Pyrgus albescens - 1 M, 1 F


Michael Klein

San Diego

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