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I'm providing this without comment. You can read it for yourself.


Chuck Vaughn <aa6g at aa6g.org>


> About 2 or 3 years ago in another list related to another one of my 
> interests there was a post related to the issue of property rights. 
> Someone on this list brought up this subject today and I wanted to add 
> to it, but my email-browser crashed before I could. My restore is 5 
> days old and I do not remember who this 'someone' is.
> The person in this other list (about 2-3 years ago) provided some 
> information concerning Ayn Rand that appears to be the basis of the 
> 'suspicions' many hold of a conspiracy and fear of the conservation 
> movement (part of the conservation movement includes declaring some 
> species as endangered). According to this individual, Ayn Rand held a 
> philosophical position that there is an elite group of individuals 
> (not named) who are bent on taking away our freedoms and suppressing 
> us. According to Rand, the issue of conservation is being used, and 
> maybe was even created, by the elite group to further their 
> objectives. Does anyone know more about this? I may have some of my 
> facts wrong, or the other individual may have misinterpreted Ayn Rand.
> Stan


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