California tortoiseshell migration?

Chuck Vaughn aa6g at
Sun Mar 14 10:53:10 EST 2004

Hi Patrick,

I am up in Calaveras County and I've not noticed them migrating but 
they are out in force right now. They're about the only butterfly I'm 
seeing, although a sole Monarch went by yesterday.

Chuck Vaughn <aa6g at>


> Lepsters,
> Today I saw dozens of worn California Tortoishells, Nymphalis 
> californica, sipping moist sand in the inner coast range (Capay 
> Valley). They were not visiting the spring flowers (Ceanothus, 
> Amsinckia, Dodecatheon,Castilleja, Cercis) available. Where are they 
> going?  Is anyone else seeing related phenomena?
> Patrick
> patfoley at


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