Volume 3 of The Taxonomic Report (of TILS) now on line.

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Thu Nov 11 09:24:58 EST 2004

We post the first page of all our TILS-TTR issues on line when published.
Two years after the completion of each volume, we put the entire issues of
that volume on line.  Now that Volume 4 is finished and Volumes 5 & 6 are in
production, we have today uploaded all issues of Volume 3.  These issues are
also now no longer available in paper but can be purchased on CD at our web
site's "Subscribe" link.

Volume 3 is accessable at:
http://www.tils-ttr.org   Click on  -Taxonomic Report-  in the menu bar.

This Volume includes the OD of Pterourus appalachiensis (3-7) and the faunal
survey of the Skardu region of Pakistan (3-9). In 3-5, the taxon then (2001)
identified tentatively as Phyciodes "cocyta" was described in 2004 (TTR 4-8)
as Phyciodes incognitus.

Digital papers have the great advantage of zoomability of images.

Ron Gatrelle
TILS president
Charleston, SC - USA

PS  We currently have a serious glitch in our butterflies common names
section (SC-NABN) as it was reformatted which caused the links to the actual
name lists to be hidden beneath the new header!!  I hope our web master gets
to this very soon.
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