Yosemite and appalachiensis publications update

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Wed Nov 24 14:55:34 EST 2004

Volume 6 issue 1 of TTR (The Taxonomic Report) has been published and is in
the mail.  It will arrive in most subscribers mail by or before its official
publication date of December 1st.  I found the new information in this paper
on Pterourus appalachiensis the proverbial icing on the cake re the
distinctness of this species.  We definitely have a "new" butterfly.
Radically new in my view - watch the list serves for discussion as
subscribers get their copies.

Volume 5 issue 1 is a bit behind schedule.  This is the text section of The
Yosemite Butterflies.  It is also scheduled for a December 1 publication
date, but with the holidays and wrapping up of 6-1, we will miss that by a
week or so.

Vol. 3 is no longer available in paper, the order form needs to be updated
in that section.  This is because Vol. 3 issues are now available for
reading in their entirety in the Taxonomic Report section of the web site.
All elements of our web site are copyrighted (see note at end of About
section), thus, the copyright laws apply to all photos and articles.  This
means that _non-subscribers_ have free access to the on line materials and
may print out/ download ONE copy for personal use.   Any other duplication,
file sharing, posting on other web sites, etc. without specific permission
is not permitted by non subscribers.

Ronald R. Gatrelle, president
The International Lepidoptera Survey
gatrelle at tils-ttr.org

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