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Hi All,

If you are not familar with "Google Scholar" check it out (search the names
some of your favorite taxa or researchers):

This has huge potential. I think our society would want abstracts of our
publications available to Google Scholar. Any recommendations on how this
could be done, or who among us should contact the google folks?

I did a search of "Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society," and only 27
were found. In contrast, (since they are online), the "Journal of Research
the Lepidoptera" gave 298 results.

Let's get in there!


Interesting  site to mess around in.   First, with the link above, it is an
info link.  The actual site is at .... where I found the following

"warren"      288,000 references  - of course, not all Andy.
"andrew d warren"  1 reference

So what one types in will give a wide variety of results.

Had to look up...
"glassberg"    941  references - most did look to be fearless misleader*
"glassberg naba"  2 references
"naba"     718 references  - not all butterflies.
"Lepidopterists' Society"    482 references.

And, of course....
"gatrelle"  21 references
"the taxonomic report"   18 references
"the international lepidoptera survey"    13 references.

On a couple related things.
The Lep. Soc. has had the bad fortune of having all its back stock of
literature thrown away by the "caretakers" left to moth ball the LACM.
Unbelievable.  Wish them well in getting those back issues on line - what a
tremendous asset that will be!!!!   The web is the world's best library.

Relative to which, The International Lepidoptera Survey web site   averaged the following per day in November.

112 specific visitors
1580 hits

our TILS butterfly Yahoo leps list serve  had 290 posts for Nov. and is
the largest Yahoo group dealing with butterflies with about 250 members.
see also

This is the power of the internet - it levels all literary and speech
playing fields.  The smallest organizatoins can have the largest podium -
for free.  "Money" is no longer the world's most powerful thing www. is.

Ron Gatrelle
TILS president
Charleston, SC - USA

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