Parasites and Monarchs

Neil Jones neil at
Fri Apr 8 14:08:13 EDT 2005

Patrick Foley wrote:

> Neil,
> I'm not that eminent and I am not the Monarch expert Paul Cherubini is,
> but I do review papers, and I do face facts. This paper reads rather
> cleanly. Discussion is always somewhat subjective (it is supposed to
> be), but anyone can read the paper and see that it does the job. Or
> anyone can avoid reading the paper and avoid thinking about it.
> Patrick

You are beig modest Patrick you are one of the few people on this list whose
names I know from their occurance in the technical literature.
But anyway as you say you regularly review papers and this one is OK. 
I know you are a compentent scientist. I also know the level of compentence
of thought of other regular posters on this list. 

The sad fact is that many people are not very good at spotting hoaxes and
conspiracy theories. Some grow up with the ability to understand scientific
thinking so never achieve that. Just like some people can sing and others
are tone deaf.

I am much prepared to accept that you are right than some of the other
people on the list who, whils they may or not be nice people, clearly
either have an intention to spread conspiracy theories or just never
learned to think properly.

Neil Jones- Neil at


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