The Membership Report

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Thu Aug 11 12:57:48 EDT 2005

Gary et al:

One thing we had hoped when we were planning the joint meeting in
Sierra Vista was that NABA members with a more scientific interest in
lepidoptera would also join LepSoc. We (with the Oplers) made several
requests to place LepSoc brochures at the registration table.  We did
place our SEABA brochures there.  Unfortunately this was never done.
While some members of NABA, like myself, also belong to LepSoc, many do
I think LepSoc missed a great opportunity here to add at least a few
members.  There was some discussion between Paul and myself about
asking Felix to send an "if this applies to you" e-mail inviting
attendees who do not belong to LepSoc to consider joining.  Hopefully
this is being done.

Hank Brodkin
hbrodkin at


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