Two-tailed Swallowtail in Georgia?

OscartheGrouch Tondaleo at
Thu Aug 11 18:08:18 EDT 2005

"Xi Wang" <tachyon_flux at> wrote in message 
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>I can't actually see the tails in great detail in the pic.  However, based 
>on the black barring on the upper forewings, I'd say this was an Eastern 
>tiger swallowtail.
> What made you think it was a two-tailed swallowtail?
> Cheers
> Xi
> bkherren at wrote:
>> I believe I photographed a Two-tailed Swallowtail in Georgia last
>> month.
>> Has it been seen this far east before?
>> Berlene

Multicaudata don't have that much blue marking, at least the ones here in 
the west coast, USA. 


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