Monarchs and Monoculture in southern Michigan

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Oh, come on, Paul. Anyone can see that the second photo does not show 
"this same exact patch of milkweed". The first photo shows tall grass in 
seed on both sides. The second photo has none, but shows some bushy plants 
or shrubs that does not appear anywhere in the first picture. It isn't 
even the same patch shot from a different direction. When you show us 
"proof" like this, is it any wonder that people don't believe your other 


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Re: Monarchs and Monoculture in southern Michigan

Carolyn King wrote:
> Paul,
> We have discussed this before. We all know that the Monarchs and Painted
> Ladies are migrants. They did not originate in the places you are
> photographing them.

Carolyn, monarch caterpillars are abundant right now
right next to the genetically modified crops:in the places
I have been photographing the clustering and nectaring adults
(southern Minnesota and northern Iowa) , plus countless thousands
of monarch chrysalids emerging everyday in these same row
crop areas.

Here's photographic proof:

Here's the Roundup Ready soybean crop monoculture and
a patch of milkweed at Lakota, Iowa

Here's a monarch caterpillar on this same exact patch of milkweed
taken 4 days ago:

Here are monarch caterpillars I photographed last year
in August on this same exact patch of milkweed at Lakota, Iowa

Likewise with the Painted Ladies; the countless thousands
of Painted Lady adults in Iowa right now are in newly
emerged condition and the adults are not displaying
directional flight, hence it is reasonable to assume they
originated in Iowa

An outbreak of Painted Ladies also occurred in Iowa in
July - Sept 2003

I do agree that the *parent* butterflies of these Monarchs
and Painted Ladies currently in Iowa & Minnesota did not
necessarily originate in Iowa & Minnesota.

Paul Cherubini
El Dorado, Calif.


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