Monarchs and Monoculture in southern Michigan

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Thu Aug 25 23:38:24 EDT 2005

Ed Reinertsen wrote:
> Paul and all
> Do you think if we used the recovery data (numbers) we
> have now that we could come-up with a ratio between Eastern
> population and the Atlantic population before and after 2001?
> Would this give us a true picture whether or not GM crops
> have affected the monarchs?

Ed, I don't know if there is enough tag data available
both before and after 2001 to generate those ratios.

However, I can provide you with a "true picture" of what
was going on with the monarch population yesturday
in southern Minnesota right in the heart of the GM crop
growing region

More pictures tomorrow.

Paul Cherubini
El Dorado, Calif.


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