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You've heard of people "getting their iRISH UP"? Neil is a Welshman; they're like terriers and snapping turtles. Won't let go till it thunders. 

He is not going to go get Marks' children; he is at heart a fine fellow. The God he was raised with does not exist, fortunately, and he has extrapolated from available data. 

Neil and Mark have fought this out before, and in fact were good allies when we were all working on the Miami Blues project. Maybe their energy could be redirected once more into more life-affirming lines. 

It's August; aren't there any butterflies to play with? I hate to see Leps list wracked with the same nonsense that made Neil unwelcome on the TILS list. 

This will end in tears, my grandmother said, and saw to it that her prophecy came true. 

It's Sunday. Mark, go pray for Neil and the rest of us. Neil, go sit on a rock and watch butterflies. Get over it. Sheetfahr, boys. 

Anne Kilmer
May, Ireland


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