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Chris and all
I know how you feel about starting a tagging program and having your first recovery blasted.
I hope you have learned from this!
 I think your program is a good one and there is alot to learn about Monarchs in the Caribbean, Arizona, New Zealand etc..
There are rules to follow so that the Scientific Community will even look (review) you work.
The USDA Butterfly Release Decision Chart says that Monarchs are not allowed to be released in Arizona. I'm sure USDA has their reasons. No Paul I don't know what the reasons are. I just would be guessing.
If you use farmed raised stock or transplants no one will even look at your work, right or wrong.
I don't think anyone can give you evidence or data for or against transfer studies. I think the plan is that we don't mess up before we learn more. No second chances.
Ed Reinertsen
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  Hi Stan, 

  First of all, thank you for being an objective observer in all of this.  

  Where the author of the quote below gets his "illegal" ideas is beyond me.  Desert Botanical Garden acquired all necessary permits to release these monarchs as a part of their monarch exhibit.  I merely latched upon an opportunity to get a larger number of monarchs tagged than what I could accomplish strictly through wild caught critters.  I suspect the illegalities are in relation to some prior perceived sin.

  If I may also point out, as I may have already, but since you brought it up ... ;)  Just because a wild adult monarch is caught and tagged or observed a Point B doesn't mean that monarch spent his/her larvalhood at Point B.  I think the quote below makes that assumption, which I believe erroneous.

  You are exactly right, the point of the scientific method, peer review, and publication is to test each other's work.  Someone claiming such and such gives everybody else in the field a chance to run their own tests and give the claim a thumbs up or down.  To deny someone the opportunity to experiment is denying the system an opportunity to function.  

  Based on the mixed review that this California transplant Arizona monarch recovered in Mexico has received, I'd say the jury is very much still out on transfer studies.  Although, it would be nice if someone could actually give evidence or data against transfer studies, or provide references that are web-accessible.  I live a good ways out and its a full day's effort to buzz over to a library to check out someone's book.


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