Catalogue of the American Hesperioidea, 6 Vols.

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Thu Feb 2 21:02:38 EST 2006

It finally arrived today!  This will undoubtedly be the most useful
bibliographical catalog of the North, Central and South American Hesperiidae
ever published, and represents over three decades of work.  The only images are
on the covers; the rest of the catalog is text detailing the taxonomic history
of each American skipper (family-, genus-, and species-group names) throughout
the history of the published literature on the family.

It is:

Mielke, Olaf Hermann Hendrik.  2005.  Catalogue of the American Hesperioidea:
Hesperiidae (Lepidoptera).  Sociedade Brasileira de Zoologia, Curitiba, Paraná,
Brazil.  xiii + 1536pp.  {September, 2005}  ISBN: 85-98203-02-5

As stated in the introduction, this is “a catalogue of ‘all’ bibliographical
references on American Hesperioidea
”  “Since the ‘Checklist:
Hesperioidea-Papilionoidea’, edited by Gerardo Lamas, in the series of the
‘Atlas of Neotropical Lepidoptera’, edited by John B. Heppner (Mielke 2004) has
been published, this catalogue could be considered a base and complementation to
its respective part
.”  “As the checklist only covers the Neotropical region,
and this catalogue, on the other hand, all the American Continent, in the
beginning, a ‘complimentary and supplementary checklist’ is presented including
the species of all the continent as well as an update.”

The catalog is composed of 6 volumes, as follows.

Volume 1. Complementary and Supplementary Parts to the Checklist of the
Neotropical Region. Catalogue: Hesperioidea: Hesperiidae: Pyrrhopyginae. 
i-xiii, pp. 1-125.

Pp. i-xiii: Preface, Presentation, Introduction, Acknowledgments, Literature
Cited, Taxonomic Notes, Abbreviations, Acronyms.  Pp. 1-20: Complementary and
Supplementary Parts to the “Checklist of Neotropical Hesperioidea”.  Pp.
21-125: Catalogue: Hesperiiidae (family-group names), Pyrrhopyginae.

Volume 2. Catalogue: Pyrginae: Eudamini.  Pp. 126-410.

Volume 3. Catalogue: Pyrginae 2: Pyrgini.  Pp. 411-771.

Volume 4: Catalogue: Hesperiinae 1: Adlerodea – Lychnuchus.  Pp. 772-1055.

Volume 5: Catalogue: Hesperiinae 2: Megaleas – Zenis.  Pp. 1056-1383.

Volume 6: Catalogue: Heteropterinae & Megathyminae. Index.  Pp. 1384-1536.

Pp. 1387-1433: Heteropterinae.  Pp. 1435-1466: Megathyminae.  Pp. 1467-1536:

I am not yet sure how one goes about ordering this catalog from the Sociedade
Brasileira de Zoologia, but once I have that information, I will pass it along.

Andy Warren


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