Sixteen species endemic to Sand Mountain - Xerces 2004

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April 26, 2004


Society works to protect imperiled Nevada butterfly 

Sixteen species endemic to Sand Mountain have been identified. 

Important species on Sand Mountain include the 

mottled milkvetch (Astragalus lentiginosus var. kennedyi), 
Kearney buckwheat (Eriogonum nummulare), 
desert sunflower (Helianthus deserticola), 
sand cholla (Opuntia pulchella), 
Nevada oryctes (Oryctes nevadensis), 
Sand Mountain blue butterfly (Euphilotes pallescens arenamontana), 
Hardy's aegialian beetle (Aegialia hardyi), 
Sand Mountain aphodius scarab beetle (Aphodius sp.), 
click beetle (Cardiophorus sp.), 
Sand Mountain pygmy beetle (Coenonycha pygmaea), 
sand-obligate beetle (Eusattus muricatus), 
Sand Mountain serican scarab beetle (Serica psammobunus), 
dune honey ant (Myrmecocystus arenarius). 

Numerous species of rare and endemic bees are also found at Sand
Mountain: Anthidium rodecki, Anthophora affabilis, Calliopsis phaceliae,
Colletes stepheni, C. tectiventris, Hespereapis sp., Perdita aridella,
P. chloris, P. cleomellae, P. eucnides eucnides, P. haigi, P. hirticeps
apicata, and P. vesca.

Xerces Society works with a coalition of conservation groups to protect
imperiled Nevada butterfly


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