Photos, maps, beetle - Sand Mountain, Nevada

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Gooogled up images of Sand Mtn, NV showing the limited distribution of the
Be sure to check out the beetle pix (fourth link). Mike Quinn, Austin

Sand Mountain, Nevada - Aerial photo

Sand Mountain, Nevada
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Sand Mountain, as seen from US. Highway 50

Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Cool photo of endemic Eusattus muricatus,
a darkling ground beetle at Sand Mountain, Nevada.

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From: Paul Cherubini
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I'd guess most of Nevada's 109,806 square miles havn't been surveyed for
plants and insects because they are almost roadless and uninhabited like
So it doesn't seem realistic to me to think the Sand Mountain blue butterfly
and it's Kearney buckwheat host plant could actually be limited to a mere
1.5 square mile spot in the State.

Paul Cherubini
El Dorado, Calif.


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