Field trips in Nicaragua and new adress for the web page.

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Dear friends,

We have up-loaded newly the information on our web page.
Now the adress is

In the section "field trips" you have the information about the june trip, there is still space for a couple of people.

The "Insects" section propose a catalogue of the insects of Nicaragua.

A "Lucanidae" section propose a catalogue and a bibliography of the Lucanidae of the world.

A "Ento-philately" section propose a catalogue of the postal stamps on topic of entomology of the world.

A virtual library is the beginning of a litterature resource on Natural Sciences focused on Nicaragua. In the bird section we recommend the e-book of Chavarria and Duriaux on birds of El Jaguar cloud forest lodge.

Our journal, at least the lasts issues, is on-line at the section : Revista Nicaraguense de Entomologia. In this section you have full illustrated catalogues of Papilionidae and Pieridae butterflies of Nicaragua.

Please re-send to people who can be interested.



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