"dire straits faced by most of our butterfly fauna"

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A very informative, well-written piece. Thanks for posting it.

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>>> Paul Cherubini <monarch at saber.net> 4/29/07 3:06 AM >>>
Dr. Arthur M. Shapiro, professor of Evolution and Ecology at UC Davis,
is in the news this Spring again with yet another doomsday newspaper
article in regards to butterfly abundance and diversity in the southern 
Sacramento Valley of California:
This time Shapiro fully authored the article so there can be no doubt
about what he said or meant.

Professor Shapiro's article is abundantly laced with worrisome, 
emotion stirring terminology and phases like: "serious trouble", "most 
alarming trend", "last year was catastrophic","dire straits", "grim 
outcome", "obviously in trouble", "most likely villain",
"is the crisis over? Hardly.", "highway to Hell." See below. 


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