new photos (mainly early stages) of indian butterflies on my website

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many people wrote to me last year after i sent a link to my website 
which features indian butterflies. recently i scanned my old slides 
and prints and now i have uploaded those on my website. this set of 
pictures may be of particular interest to some of you since there are 
a lot of pictures of early stages of southwestern indian butterflies.

the amount of time available for this project was a serious 
constraint so i did not bother to arrange the pictures by butterfly 
families for easy browsing, as i had done with my digital pictures 
earlier. instead, the new pictures are arranged alphabetically. the 
combined collection of digital and scanned images on my website 
should now enable anyone to identify a large chunk of adult 
butterflies and their early stages that one is likely to stumble upon 
in the western ghats and peninsular india. here is the link to the 
new pictures:


here is the link to my digital pictures (mostly adult butterflies, 
arranged by family) that i had uploaded earlier:


both pages are, of course, linked.

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