Free Windows Vista-compatible LepiList Update

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Wed Feb 28 10:09:21 EST 2007

Dear LepiList User:

The new Microsoft operating system Windows Vista was issued several
weeks ago. To ensure Vista-compatibility of our record keeping
software LepiList, yet retain compatibility with all earlier versions
of Windows back to Windows 95, we have had to change the method the
program uses in manipulating a computer's fast memory to a more
efficient one. This was a major rewrite, as can be seen from the
increase in length of the LepiList program file from 621 to 857

But our work was worth it because benefits other than Vista-
compatibility were obtained. The most important of them concerns the
way the old method of dealing with a computer's fast memory limited
the number of species and subspecies that can be handled by LepiList
to a little more than 10,000. With the new method the limit is
considerably more than twice that number.

People who have LepiList which we shipped after January 1, 2006 can
download at no charge the new Vista-compatible issue by following
instructions on the Users Bulletin Board of our web site. Others can
get it by buying an inexpensive CD; see the Prices and Ordering page
of the site.

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