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My thanks to all who replied!. 

I do not need her Thesis.  I picked up the bound copies of Chris Schmidt's  PhD. thesis for him yesterday  (Systematics of the Grammia Tiger Moths) wherein he refers to her work of course. I wondered if she was in fact a woman or if this had just been assumed (as had I) , a lot of folks not being familiar with males of that name. A Google search on the name provided no useful info.  A post to Leps-L of course did.



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  Do any of you know who the Marion (or Marian) E. Smith who graduated from Univ. of Illinois in the late 1930's is??? She (or he) did a PhD. revising the genus Apantesis and then to my knowledge was never heard from again.  I have assumed this person was of the feminine gender, but just realized that there is at least one other option, namely  that they are of the masculine gender. 

  Anybody know ????  I'd like to get it right.

  Gary Anweiler
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