first modern U.S. Telea Hairstreak record in over 90 years !?!

Mike Quinn entomike at
Mon Oct 8 20:54:48 EDT 2007


Your record is apparently the first modern U.S. Telea Hairstreak -
Chlorostrymon telea record in over 90 years...

TEXAS: Starr Co.
Falcon State Park
8 - x - 2007, photo
shot by Berry Nall

It's listed in Klots (1951) on page 140 as Strymon maesites telea
Hewitson for Laredo in June. This Laredo record from June is
apparently the only U.S. record.

Before Klots, it's listed in Holland's revised 1931 edition of  "The
Butterfly Book" on page 232 as Thecla telea Hewitson.

Before that, it's listed in Barnes and McDunnough (1917) as Strymon
telea Hew. on page 13:

Barnes, W. & J. McDunnough. 1917. Check list of the Lepidoptera of
boreal America. Herald Press, Decatur, IL. 392 pp.

However, I don't find it in Holland's 1902 edition:
(It's sister species, Thecla simaethis is listed on page 246.)

See also:

Nicolay, S.S. 1980. The genus Chlorostrymon and a new subspecies of C.
simaethis. J. Lep Soc., 34(2): 253-256.

Mike Quinn, Austin

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From: Berry Nall <lb at>
Date: Oct 8, 2007 4:56 PM
Subject: mystery hairstreaks-Falcon State Park

I went back to FSP's garden around noon for a couple of hours; was
delighted to find 7, or possibly 8, different species of hairstreak, all
on Cortez Croton or mistflower. And now I know why the park is full of
Silver-banded Hairstreaks: Fran showed me a huge balloon vine in the
middle of it. We're not sure how they found it, but they are there!

Also found 2 that I cannot identify. One is rather battered, probably a
*strymon* that is not to exciting. Still, if anyone can oblige my
curiosity I thank you... The other is definitely unusual. It is a very
small green hairstreak. It somewhat resembles pictures of *Chlorostrymon
telea* on Nearctica and BAMA, but NOT the one listed on NABA SoTX.

Pix at:
Pix taken at Falcon State Park, 10-8-07


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