"Axiidae" and "Axioidea"

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Tue Oct 30 12:54:37 EDT 2007

>Hi Doug,
>This problem was recently corrected by Shen-Horn Yen and Joel Minet.  
>They proposed the name Cimelioidea, Cimeliidae to replace the  previous names.
>I have attached the pdf below.

Thanks very much for the info - in addition to our own institutional 
database, I've gone in and updated Wikipedia's numerous references to 
Axiidae and Axioidea to reflect the change. Now someone has to rename 
the sphingid subfamily Macroglossinae!! (junior homonym of fruit bat 
subfamily Macroglosssinae - James Adams once wrote ICZN and they said 
to simply ignore it!!)    ;-)


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