Please report your Red Admiral, Painted Lady, American Lady, and West Coast Lady sightings

Chuck Vaughn aa6g at
Thu Apr 24 15:07:03 EDT 2008

Too late! The Painted Lady migration was in full swing here in the  
Sierra Nevada foothills about 2 weeks ago. It seems to be over now  
and I didn't take any notes.


> Leps-L members,
> This message is to announce the ongoing 2008 season of the Vanessa  
> Migration Project.  In a way similar to Journey North's Monarch  
> tracking, we are mapping seasonal distribution and migration of  
> four Vanessa butterflies in North America:
> Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta)
> Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui)
> American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis)
> West Coast Lady (Vanessa annabella)
> 1. Please report the first date when you see (or have seen) any of  
> these butterflies in your area, and the numbers seen that day.
> 2. Please report any directional migrations of these species that  
> you see this year.
> 3. Please report the presence or abundance of these butterflies  
> later in the season.  We encourage multiple observations from the  
> same location.
> When sending reports, please include your full name, e-mail  
> address, the location from which you observed, and the date or  
> dates when you see these butterflies.  For evident directional  
> migrations, also include the direction toward which they seem to be  
> moving.  A rough estimate of how frequently they are passing  
> through (for example, 10 butterflies over 20 minutes) would also be  
> helpful, as would notes on
> temperature, wind speed and direction, and type and extent of cloud  
> cover.
> For more information about this project and how to report your  
> observations, see the Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site
> Once there, select the links, "Help Track the 2008 North American  
> Migration" and "How to Report Your Observations."  We are now  
> taking observations either directly via e-mail or through our  
> reporting form and database.
> We also have an interactive map that opens from the map images on  
> our home page, as well as complete instructions for viewing and  
> working with the map ("How to Use Our Interactive Map").
> If you have observations from previous years that you would like to  
> share, please feel free to send these to us also.  We will add them  
> to our database and interactive map.
> We would appreciate it very much if you could monitor Red Admirals  
> and Ladies this year!  Or pass this message on to others whom you  
> think would be interested in our program.
> Thank you,
> Royce J. Bitzer
> mariposa at
> The Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site
> Territorial behavior, migration, and distribution of Vanessa  
> butterflies

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