Correct spelling Anavitrinelia or Anavitrinella

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Re: Correct spelling Anavitrinelia or Anavitrinella Hi Gary,

I thought you were having a joke with us, but then I cut and pasted your two spellings into a word document at font size 30 and could see the difference:

Anavitrinella versus Anavitrinelia

All old sources I have say the former, except for Hodges 1983 checklist which uses the latter. So I guess someone will have to check McDonough’s 1923 publication in which the genus was erected, however: Anavitrinella is a replacement for Vitrinella so one could presume that he meant Anavitrinella. Can’t wait to hear the answer.


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(Anavitrinelia and Anavitrinella) 

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