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Fri Nov 28 00:10:47 EST 2008

The latest issue of J Lep Soc. arrived today  - and to my great pleasure there was another article by Richard Holland, documenting his search for the source of old Speyeria nokomis records in NM.  Now I confess right up front here to being a moth guy with little interest in those gaudy beasts, the butterflies.-but I do love a good story - and when it actually is also full of facts and new information - well - does it get any better than that?

I sent Richard (who I have never met or corresponded with previously) a thank you note for providing us with an article that had not been emasculated, depersonalized and with any signs of LIFE squeeezed out of it. Great shades of the 1800's - signs of life in the scientific literature !!!  What fun!

I would like to thank the editor of J Lep Soc. for being brave enough or tired enough or whatever it takes to allow an article like this to make it into our esteemed Journal.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU.   

And for those who tirelessly persist in ensuring that our scientific publications are stripped of personalities, any signs of life and juice, I suspect ( and hope) there is a small dry lifeless bit of desert reserved for you in wherever you wind up once dis-embodied. The Pope recently closed Limbo for good - so I guess it will have to be in hell, although I would agree that would be a tad harsh.


Gary Anweiler   
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