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Dear Fellow Leppers,

I recently found out that Doug Ferguson's MONA fascicle on the  
Macariines was published in December, and yet I don't think it has  
been mentioned on this list. From what I have heard, this volume is  
being published posthumously thanks to the efforts of many people who  
filled the final details of Dr. Ferguson's work. Personally I am very  
excited, since I find this group difficult. I have reprinted the  
details on how to order the new fascicle below, which can be had at  
the pre-publication price if you mention the announcement on this  
listserv and/or my name by Jan 21.

Fascicle 17.2.  Geometroidea, Geometridae, Ennominae (part: Abaxini,  
Cassymini, Macariini) by Douglas C. Ferguson.

430 pages; 15 colored plates, 68 text figures; clothbound. 2008

The text treats 169 species in 17 genera of North American moths of  
the geometrid tribes Abraxini, Cassymini, and Macariini.  One genus,  
22  species, and three subspecies are newly described.  Adults of all  
species are illustrated in color by 532 specimens and larvae of 81  
species by 105 images.   Diagnostic characters of all the genera and  
species are detailed and illustrated.  Specimens of this large group  
of often closely similar and variable species have proved difficult to  
identify.  Dr. Ferguson’s extensive field work in the United States  
and Canada and large number of rearings has enabled him to resolve  
many problems of recognition and to discuss the means to accomplish  
it.  Identification keys for all genera and many species based on  
characters of adults together with illustrations of wings and  
genitalia and notes on variable characters will be extremely helpful  
to enable recognition of specimens.  The immature stages of 81 species  
are characterized and illustrated.  A synonymic check list of the  
described species updates the Check List of the Lepidoptera of America  
north of Mexico.


Please send me _______copy(ies) of Fascicle 17.2—Geometroidea,  
Geometridae, Ennominae (Abraxini, Cassymini, and Macariini)  at the  
prepublication price of (U.S.) $100.00 plus shipping (U.S., Canadian,  
and Mexican orders $5.00 per copy;  all others $10.00 per copy).  This  
offer expires on 15 December 2008 (now 21 Jan 2009).  Thereafter, the  
price will be $115.00 plus shipping and handling.

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