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Jean-Michel Maes jmmaes at ibw.com.ni
Fri Jan 23 15:41:40 EST 2009

Dear friends,


Based on my anterior e-mails, you may remember that I am an entomologist. My hobbies include also Philately, entomo-philately to be more specific, I collect stamps and covers with insect topic. Classically the collection includes stamps and letters with stamps on insects, but lately I am trying to collect letters where the insect is in the illustration of the cover, not only on the stamps. In this way I am looking for your help.


If your company, organization or institution has an insect in the logo, I would be glad to have you sending me a letter. In that way I will have a cover, a letter, with an insect logo, to put in my collection. So far I have a couple of bees from banks, a longhorn from a library, a goliath beetle from an insect dealer, a couple of butterflies from museums, but my guess is that there are many more institutions with insects logo.






Mi postal adress is:

Dr. Jean-Michel Maes

Museo Entomológico de León

A.P. 527




The virtual catalogue of insects on stamps can be viewed at:

www.bio-nica.info   section ento-philately

Dr. Jean-Michel MAES 
AP 527 
tel 505-3116586 
cel 505-48-11-351
jmmaes at ibw.com.ni
jmmaes at bio-nica.info
jmmaes at yahoo.com
jmmaes at walla.com
www.bio-nica.info (main page in spanish)
http://www.ibw.com.ni/u/jmmaes (pequeña pagina de contacto) 
http://espanol.groups.yahoo.com/group/MEL-Info/ (lista de anuncios - puede inscribirse si le parece)
www.avesnicaragua.org (aves) 
http://www.coleoptera.org/p1760.htm (Lucanidae genera)

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