Several new moth species!

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at
Sat May 2 12:35:16 EDT 2009

Under the able guidance of Chris Schmidt and Don Lafontaine from the CNC
(Canada, a place where insect systematics still lives!) a special volume of
Zookeys is due out around mid-May which is entirely devoted to new species
descriptions of North American macromoths (contents below).

Further, according to Schmidt and Lafontaine, they are already looking ahead to
their next special (macro-moths) volume, which they anticipate will be several
hundred pages long and will include a new Annotated Check list of the
Noctuoidea of North America. They are planning the volume for early in 2010 and
they already know of a number of manuscripts well underway for it!

The nice thing about Zookeys is that it is an open access journal.  All papers
published in ZooKeys can be freely copied, downloaded, printed and distributed
at no charge for the reader.  Their website is

After publication, one can by a paper bound copy of the volume for  28 Euros (€)
+ 12 € for shipping and handling (or about $55.00 US).

contents of current volume

1 Editorial: Contributions to the Systematics of New World Macro-Moths
B. Christian Schmidt, J. Donald Lafontaine

3 A new species of Rivula (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)
from southeastern United States
J. Bolling Sullivan

11 A new species of Lithophane Hbn. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Xyleninae)
from southeastern United States
Vernon Antoine Brou Jr., J. Donald Lafontaine

21 Lithophane leeae (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Xyleninae), a striking new
species from southeastern Arizona
Bruce Walsh

27 Review of the Acontia areli group with descriptions of three new species
(Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Acontiinae)
Clifford D. Ferris, J. Donald Lafontaine

47 The Lepidoptera of White Sands National Monument, Otero County,
New Mexico, USA 1. Two new species of Noctuidae (Lepidoptera,
Noctuinae, Agrotini)
Eric H. Metzler, David Bustos, Gregory S. Forbes

63 Revision of the “Aemilia” ambigua (Strecker) species-group (Noctuidae,
B. Christian Schmidt

79 A new species of Dodia Dyar (Noctuidae, Arctiinae) from central
B. Christian Schmidt, Douglas Macaulay

89 A new genus and two new species of arctiine tiger moth (Noctuidae,
Arctiinae, Arctiini) from Costa Rica
B. Christian Schmidt

97 Revision of the New World Panthea Hübner (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae)
with descriptions of 5 new species and 2 new subspecies
Gary G. Anweiler


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