[leps-talk] No one objects to the mass killing of Wasps for ID purposes

jadams at daltonstate.edu jadams at daltonstate.edu
Sat Sep 12 09:03:24 EDT 2009

Sal wrote:

> . . . And most of us draw the line 
> someplace. It is just different places for different people. It 
> makes perfect sense to me that some people feel it is wrong to 
> kill the "warm, furry" insects (leps), but okay to kill those 
> that attack and annoy us (wasps). In my opinion, this is not 
> hypocritical, it is human. 

Maybe it's not hypocritical.  But from a biological standpoint, it IS ignorant (I'm not saying ignorant with a negative connotation -- ignorance can be fixed [if desired], and we're all ignorant on something).  If you had to choose one group or the other (leps vs. hymenops) and ask which is MORE detrimental to human existance on the planet, then the leps would be the choice.  We spend ridiculous amounts of money each year trying to kill leps whose larvae eat the same plants we want to eat.  There is no such worldwide directed attack on hymenops, and without the hymenops we would spend even MORE money trying to kill lep larvae, since quite a few help control lep larval populations.

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