Butterfly ID

OscartheGrouch tondaleo at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 29 10:21:14 EST 2010

On 12/21/2010 6:52 PM, Blondage70 wrote:
> Last night while wrapping Christmas presents, I was startled by a
> sudden rustling under my tree.  My investigation revealed a cocoon
> from which emerged a beautiful young butterfly!  Imagine my surprise.
> I was able to take a clear photograph but just realized I cannot post
> a photo to this discussion group.  Is there anyone that can help me
> identify this beautiful creature?

No. Troll? You can post a link to a photo so that's no excuse. You heard 
a rustling? Sorry, I don't buy any of it, unless you post a pic of a 
butterfly under your Christmas tree.


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