Help with Citheronia sepulcralis records

Ryan Saint thesaint913 at
Wed Nov 3 16:42:19 EDT 2010

Hi all, this is my first post so forgive me if I make any mistakes.

I have a huge interest in Citheronia sepulcralis and I have been
trying to locate them in the wild for photography purposes for years
now. I live in Rhode Island so chances of finding them anywhere in New
England are pretty slim, so I am after any locales within range of me
(nearest I know of is NJ). I would be interested to hear of any
northern records for this species that anyone is aware of. Also,
Pennsylvania records (or northern WV and MD for that matter) for this
species would also interest me as I frequently visit southern PA (near
Hagerstown MD) each summer.

I am pretty much interested in any records for sepulcralis near or
north of the MD border.



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