drooping wings

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This would be my guess, too. I allow specimens to dry naturally over 2 weeks or so, and don't usually have the drooping. Of course, some genera like Urbanus, Chiomara, and relatives almost inevitably droop-- for me.
[Grkovich, Alex] I dry them over dry (low) heat for between 2 and 3 weeks...and also keep them in a plastic container to be sure that ants etc. don't get at them...

I have had a curious observation. Papered specimens which have been relaxed (but NOT thoroughly enough) can be spread and the wings will hold initially. After 3 weeks or so the wings, probably absorbing humidity, contract upwards.
[Grkovich, Alex] This was in the past a REAL problem for me, as I've admitted several times...They really HAVE to be relaxed as thoroughly as possible, and I've had much better results relaxing them (also) over low heat, with HOT tap water..."Working" the wing muscles to loosen them also helps, along with (as I've found) pulling the front wings (and then the HWs) up BEYOND the horizontal position of the trailing FW edge...In other words, "working" them even further...Best is still, however, to keep them frozen during storage...Although larger specimens still need to be relaxed and have the muscles "worked over"...

James McDermott

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I may be off here Bruce, but I have found that drying in the oven is not the best.  From my experience, it tends to "super-dry" them immediately - in fact TOO dry, but, like any pendulum swung too far in one direction, they tend to absorb "extra moisture" when taken out (then droop).  I stopped using the oven and just allow them to dry more naturally over the course of a week or so (for fresh specimens)(although I do put them near vents and warm, slightly breezy areas).  I have had MUCH better results this way....and I DEFINITELY have more humidity than you have ever seen down there.,
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