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If any of you are birders and use the AviSys software for keeping track of your 
bird records, you should know that you can use AviSys for other groups of 
species as well. On the AviSys website there are links to other taxa, such as 
butterflies, reptiles and mammals. You can download those databases and 
incorporate them into AviSys and use them just like you do for your bird lists.

I don't think those databases have been updated since they were first made 
available, and I know that the butterfly lists have a lot of errors. I have been 
working on my own databases for AviSys and want to share them with others. I 
have gotten permission from the creator of AviSys to do this.

On my website, you can find lists of butterflies (moths too, but that one needs 
a lot of work) for different areas:
1) Species found at the BAMONA website (at least through late last year. I'm not 
sure if they made changes with the new version of their website)
2) Species for all of North America
3) European butterflies
4) a still-growing World list (includes the North American and European species, 
and I'm currently adding some from Africa)

Depending on your interests, you may only want one of these, but you can get 
them all at: http://avianpursuits.com/Butterflies_Main.html
That page includes instructions on how to make use of them.

I'd appreciate knowing if anyone takes advantage of them. Even though I'll 
continue to update them for my own use, I would like to know if others are able 
to use them.
Thank you!
 David Trently 
Avian Pursuits Nature Tours 
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Knoxville, TN 
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